Feliz Navidad Bundle

The snazzy way to wish your loved ones a merry christmas from the bottom of your heart!

Gift bundle includes: 

  • 1 Fresh Flower Bouquet
  • 1 Handcrafted Dried Flowers Card (selected at random)
  • 1 Upcycled Curry Mushroom OR Truffle Vegetable Chips (selected at random)
  • 1 Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (70 or 85% cocoa, selected at random)
  • 1 Bouquet Bag

More about our consciously selected products:

  • Confetti is a local company that crafts scrumptious award-winning snacks that are nutrient dense and bursting in plant goodness. They are committed to upcycle ugly produce that would otherwise disposed, and to end hunger in the poorest parts of the world. These chips are upcycled from oddly shaped vegetables & mushrooms to become delicious MSG-free and vacuum fried healthy snacks. Bundled with our products one of their two best sellers - Green Curry Mushroom Chips and Summer Truffle Veggie Chips.

  • Green & Blacks’ chocolates have high cocoa content for that intense and delicious taste. They believe that using organic soil that is bursting with nutrients gives their ingredients unmatched depth and richness of flavour and it is much better for the environment too. Their organic chocolate is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation, representing ingredients that are ethically produced, supporting farmers with fairness and equality. Bundled with our products are either their 70% or 85% cocoa dark chocolates.

Free delivery included.