Bespoke Floating Florals

Conscious about not wasting the flowers you received for your special occasion? Be it an anniversary bouquet, a congratulatory stand or even a condolences wreath, we can help you upcycle your flowers into a memorabilia. We have frames of different sizes to cater to your needs.

Send us photos of it via Facebook or Instagram or Whatsapp us at 8102 8877 so we can assess how much we can upcycle for you and for you to receive a quote.

Prices start from $65.

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Floating Florals derives its name from flowers that seem to be “floating” in frames. Floating Florals allow us to recognise the beauty of creation around us with floral trimmings or leftover flowers that would otherwise have been thrown away. Delicately dried, pressed and fitted into a frame, these flowers are paired with a customisable message, making it a perfect beauty for ashes.