About Us

The Conscious Florist was founded by Merilyn in 2020. Having learnt floral arrangement at a young age, working part-time at florists and volunteering to teach simple floral arrangements, she witnessed the satisfaction of consumers receiving beautiful flowers that was irreplaceable with any other gift. Yet, what goes unnoticed by most consumers was the tremendous amount of waste generated and disposed of in the florist industry. Leveraging on her corporate sustainability working experiences and an Entrepreneurship Major, she turned her love and conviction for flowers, art and the community into setting up The Conscious Florist (TCF).
TCF aspires to be the leading local sustainable florist, recognising the beauty of creation around us. This drives us to excel in balancing between People, Planet, and Profit - our definition of a sustainable business for future generations to come.
In respecting people and the dedication they have put in to honing their craft and the work they do, we aim to provide business opportunities to local small businesses, offering fair payment and recognition for their work. 

Keeping in line with that same principle, we also aim to give purpose and value to those socially disadvantaged through our community programs.

We believe the key to minimizing our environmental impact is by Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Upcycling as we consider the life cycle analysis of our flowers and materials. That is why we look into local sourcing, nearby low-carbon bike deliveries, creatively reusing materials, and rewarding customers for recycling their materials with us.

The Conscious Florist is more than a name. It is the values and principles that form the foundation of what we do, which we hope will inspire more to do the same while delivering quality floral products.