How We Work

Fresh  - Drop us a message anytime to check in on our weekly fresh flowers available. We often do bespoke arrangements that are personalized to each recipient. We also change our fresh flower designs weekly to keep things interesting and seasonal. By offering just one or two designs each week, we minimize wastage and offer a great price.

You can also pre-order our selected flower designs at least 14 days in advance, or browse through our galleries and let us know if you have any other preferred designs. Your selected design could inspire our upcoming weekly designs! 

Dried & Pressed ❁ - You can select from our limited dried flower designs, ready to delivery within 7 days.For bespoke dried and pressed flower arrangements and cards, contact us 2 weeks in advance so we can customise to your needs.

From Fresh to Dried to Pressed | Flower Preservation  - Knowing how much your special day means to you, we also dry and press fresh flowers that you receive (e.g. bridal, anniversary and birthday bouquets) for your keepsake. Memorabilias can come in the form of dried flowers in a 3D frame, pressed flowers in a frame with customizable messages and photos included, or even hand-drawn watercolor cards with pressed flowers.

Supersize, Proposals & Weddings - We are happy to do the big stuff for your big occasions too, such as supersize bouquets and highly customizable wedding décor.


We want you to experience how personalized and sustainable products can make a difference! Contact us here or WhatsApp us at 81028877 to share with us your preferences and to find out more :)