Our Consciousness

Our Sustainability Principles


Free customisable handwritten cards
All our designs come with a customisable handwritten calligraphy card that can be easily removed and kept as a memorable card for your loved one. All our cards used are from sustainably-sourced paper (e.g. made from wood chips rejects) or scrap cards. 
Bespoke arrangements and upcycled floral products 
Our arrangements and upcycled products can be made for those who want something extra personal and special. This includes the possibility of upcycling any other fresh flowers you have received into other floral products. All our products are great as standalone gifts, or you can easily bundle our customisable floral products for a lovely gift package.
Sustainable sourcing, design and operations 
Just like food, more than 90% of our flowers are imported. To minimise our global carbon footprint, we promote the use of locally and Asian-grown seasonal flowers wherever possible. We avoid flowers that require high chemical use (e.g. bleached flowers) and unsustainable materials (e.g. floral foam, new plastic bags). Instead, we use recyclable materials (e.g. wire or branches to replace floral foam) and reuse materials (e.g. reusing plastic food packaging) as much as possible. Our low-carbon delivery option is available for addresses within 3km of our location.

Waste diverted away from landfill 
Unavoidable plastic packaging that is used to protect flowers while being imported are collected and upcycled into Ecobricks for furniture. Other recyclable materials such as cardboard are placed in our local recycling bins. 
Leverage on community support
We collect reusable materials such as recycled glass food jars, bouquet wrappers and boxes from our community while rewarding them. Being part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative allows like-minded businesses to share our resources easily.
Communicate and empower customers with choices
We lead the local floral industry to more sustainable business practices by communicating our sustainable design and business principles. We also empower our customers with options to minimize new packaging waste (e.g. the option of using reused bouquet wrappers instead of new wrappers)

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The Conscious Florist is proud to be part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative which is a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means.