Recycling Rewards

We are grateful for the many who have given us their items to repurpose. Due to overwhelming response, we are currently not accepting any more items until further notice. 


Don't know what to do with your trash? One man's trash is another man's treasure! Committed to the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative, we avoid purchasing new materials and we collect reusable items from our community as much as possible. We reward our community by offering them The Conscious Florist (TCF) vouchers that be used for future purchases. Contact us via our FacebookInstagram or email us at to arrange a pick-up from your address.


20 Clean Glass Jars = $20 TCF Gift Card


We need glass jars that will be used to do jar floral arrangements (e.g. your empty peanut butter jar, pasta sauce bottle). Collect at least 20 glass jars to receive a $20 TCF voucher. We'll arrange for pick-up at your address. 


- As much as possible, please keep the lids together with the jars and avoid scratching the lids.

- All glass jars must meet the minimum requirements of 7cm (diameter) at the top and bottom, and 12cm (height) in size. Any glass jars bigger than these measurements are accepted. Anything smaller than these measurements will make it very difficult to hold the flowers.

- Odd-shaped jars (e.g. Nescafe jars) should have a minimum of diameter of 7cm at the bottom, 6cm diameter at the top

- Glass bottles will not accepted (e.g. beverage bottles with a thin neck, wine bottles) as they will not be able to hold a bunch of flowers.

- All glass jars must be washed with all labels removed.

Tips on removing the labels: Soak the labels in hot water and peel off labels. For those labels with sticky residues, smear a mixture of baking soda and cooking oil onto the glue, let it sit for about 30 minutes and rinse off with an old toothbrush. 

If you are unsure if any of your items qualify, feel free to check with us via Facebook, Instagram or


10 Boxes = $10 TCF Gift Card


We need boxes that will be used for mailing out our Floating Florals frames.

Collect at least 10 boxes and receive a $10 TCF voucher. We'll arrange for pick-up at your address.


- Boxes of any colour and brands, optimally with lesser branding e.g. mooncake boxes. Shoe boxes and boxes with personal information will not be accepted.

- All boxes must meet the minimum requirement of 22cm (length) x18cm (width) x 7cm (height).

- Any boxes that exceed the measurements of 30cm (length) x 30cm (width) x 10cm (height) will not be accepted.

- For boxes that have personal mailing information removed (e.g. pasted sticker torn out or cancelled personal information) and deems to be acceptable-looking are accepted.

We can accept boxes that have personal mailing information (e.g. sticker on box) that our community and deems it acceptable looking.

- For boxes that can be folded and flattened, please ensure it is folded and flattened upon collection.

If you are unsure if any of your items qualify, feel free to check with us via FacebookInstagram or


20 Bouquet Wrappers + Any Amount of Ribbons = $5 TCF Gift Card


We offer customers the option to choose reused bouquet wrappers. Collect at least 20 pieces of bouquet wrappers and receive a $10 TCF voucher. If you have unwanted ribbons that are long enough to tie a bow, do include them together with your bouquet wrappers. We'll arrange for pick-up at your address if they are unable to be mailed out.


- Bouquet wrappers and ribbons of any colour are accepted

- Bouquet wrappers and ribbons cannot be too crumpled or folded with many creases

- Avoid folding the wrappers as much as possible

- All bouquet wrappers must meet the minimum requirement of 30cm (length) x 20cm (width) in size. Any bouquet wrappers that are bigger than these measurements are accepted.

- All ribbons must be at least 60cm long. Any ribbons longer than that are accepted.

If you are unsure if any of your items qualify, feel free to check with us via FacebookInstagram or


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The Conscious Florist is proud to be part of the 
Zero Waste Packaging Initiative which is a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means.