Christmas Dried Flower Wreath with Card

Welcome the festive joys of Christmas with these 100% naturally dried flower wreaths, handcrafted with eucalyptus and roses. Complete with the aromas from pine cone and cinnamon sticks. A centerpiece that not only welcomes the season, but is sure to spread the spirit of Christmas! 

The wreath can be hung or placed on tables with candles, with an approximate diameter of 25-30cm. We use only naturally dried flowers and foliage that are not artificially dyed or bleached, truly au naturel. It is meant to last at least till the following Christmas as we provide a kraft box for proper storage.

Complete the gift with our handcrafted circular shaped dried flowers card. Designed with the intention of doubling as a Christmas ornament your recipient can hang up. Let your well wishes be shown!

Free delivery provided.


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FAQ: How long can the wreath last?
A: We are intentional about the wreath lasting for at least a year, or even longer than that as with any other dried flowers. As our flowers are all natural and are not artificially dyed or bleached, it is only natural for the green leaves to start losing more of its chlorophyll over time. However if it is displayed and kept well away from direct sunlight, it will remain green for a longer period of time. Even with more browning, your wreath will have an even more rustic look next year!